The first impression you probably might get when you see Princess Halliday is, who is this young charming, pretty girl with great dimples on her cute cheek and full rounded lips.Yes! this is the first thing everyone notices upon seeing her but beyond these looks in the physical is an authentic young lady who leads with high Emotional Intelligence-A voice to reckon with.She has one on one conversations with Presidents, presidential candidates, governors, great leaders, celebrities and ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Princess Halliday is a Petroleum Engineer, International Business Consultant, Entrepreneur of  International Businesses and Executive Producer and host of Empower Africa Initiative.

The Princess Halliday Show is syndicated in 48 countries and aimed at showcasing people who by their own tenacity and determination have accomplished something extraordinary while creating revolutionary leaders.

By providing a platform for these people to tell their stories, Princess Halliday inspires and educates the world to realise their purpose and ambition.

As Princess Halliday revealed during her speech at the toast masters public speaking meeting in Beverly Hills California, the sole reason EAI was created is Empowering leaders to Do the Extraordinary.The multifaceted Royalty received her Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering, Leadership certificate for graduate professionals  in communication from Harvard University, Executive Business Graduate Certificate  in International Business for International Business professionals from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Masters degree in leadership from Woodbury University Los Angeles California and  currently working on a PhD in Leadership.