Mission & Vision


Empower Africa Initiative is a 501(c)3 organization in the United States. The mission of Empower Africa Initiative is to develop leaders who will lead authentically. We have mentored over 3000 youths and helped to provide school.
The mission of the Empower Africa Initiative is to Empower Leaders to Do the Extraordinary.
We positively enhance the mindset of leaders by showcasing and engaging people, communities, while empowering to lead, innovate, and serve authentically.
Empower Africa Initiative is a for-purpose organization that has been committed to enriching people through leadership, education, positive identity, and showcasing people whom through tenacity and determination have accomplished greatness and can be catalysts for others to follow.
First incorporated in Africa, EAI got syndicated all over Africa, London, Europe and the United States


EAI builds the self-esteem and self-worth of people by changing their outlook on life, broadening horizons, and providing tools for self-empowerment and efficacy, advancing the world by inspiring, preparing, empowering, and connecting leaders to drive change.
Over the years, EAI has been progressively working to enhance the elimination of discriminatory practices, challenging the roles and stereotypes that affect Inclusion, Equality, Power, and Leadership.
We have received countless stories daily about young people who have lost every ounce of hope because their ability has been severely underestimated thus reducing them to a point where they feel like they do not “belong”.
Committed to enriching people through education, leadership, positive identity, and identifying people who, through tenacity and determination, have accomplished greatness and can be catalysts for others to follow.

Empower Leaders to Do the Extraordinary


Providing marginalised communities a life of dignity

Be Empowered to Greatness

We love what we do

Our passion for empowering and embracing positivity helps others to affect their lives in a positive way. Our diverse global team and contributors work toward making the world a better place