Princess Halliday Breaks Leadership Stereotypes.


United States  based multifaceted talk show host and leadership expert who educates leaders on power and leadership is termed as an uncommon gem breaking boundaries and changing the narrative on the potentials of women and men in Africa.

While her contemporaries are still finding their footings, she has earned recognitions on a global stage and using her reputation to fight for equal opportunities for every woman.

At age 3, she became a radio talk show host, inspiring and motivating kids on positive lifestyle. She has a wide range of experience in corporate management, strategy and motivational speaking. From the age of 14, she has held leadership positions and became a strategy and business consultant for notable oil and gas, manufacturing and financial services companies. On the day of her first degree graduation, Princess Halliday was hired straight out of college as a leadership and strategy executive. She further spearheaded the first ever Standard World Class Facility Security Systems for SHELL Nigeria.

In recognition of Princess Halliday’s outstanding work in diverse fields including her service to humanity, Princess Halliday has been honored with many laurels including being recognised by her Outstanding Leadership to Africa by the Canadian Federal Government and House of Parliament from Canada  and the youngest Executive producer by Commonwealth. She is currently the only Nigerian with an additional degree in LEADERSHIP.

After a thorough research of educated leaders in Nigeria, Princess Halliday is noted to have been the first young Nigerian female to have a degree in leadership and properly understand what it means to lead authentically.

In 2012, Princess Halliday realized the lack of structure and water system in the Niger Delta area. After her visit, she mobilized and harnessed Empower Africa Initiative with the Niger Delta Basin Authority (NDBDA) of Nigeria and carried out the reticulation of pipes in the Niger Delta area, creating pipe borne water for several Niger Delta communities.

Empower Africa Initiative alongside Princess Halliday designed the merchandise theme, “Empowered” which is designed to help prepare and guide people to achieve their own Empowered parity. Portions of proceeds from this design goes towards helping the underprivileged in Africa. The sales have garnered support from several celebrities and people of note.

In contrast to the practice in Africa where women are still under represented in government, Princess Halliday believes that beauty equates to leadership. “You can be young, pretty, intelligent and still do things the right way,” she said.

Speaking on this, Princess Halliday stressed that we have been too used to the conventional system of leadership in our Nation. “Often time, I have evaluated the leadership structure of the government and it became increasingly worrying. Why do we not have young people (Men and Women) at the helm of leadership? Why do we constantly see men sitting at the table and rarely see women in the same proportion as men? Why are young women evaluated based on their sexuality even in conversations? Why are women increasingly underestimating their ability to lead and become authentic Nation builders? Why can a young beautiful woman not be a leader? Why can’t a leader be multifaceted? All of these whys are propellant factors to my desire for Authentic Leadership. Women and men must come together and lead authentically. The future is made of intersectionality.

“I am aware that people can hardly correlate a beautiful lady to leadership especially in our continent were young women are not believed to be carriers of great initiative. This  has been a great challenge to me and so daily I endeavor to do the extraordinary. I strive to educate and empower men and women to identify their leadership parity and have young girls know that they have the capacity to be leaders and yes Beauty Equates to Leadership”. I am a leader with my own style .

“Am I changing the dynamics of leadership? Yes I am and this is so important to me. We have had enough of the conventional stalled leadership that has existed for so long and very rarely worked. It is time for a revolution. You can be young, pretty, intelligent, do things the right way and be an Authentic Leader,” she said.


Having been  been a  guest lecturer on ethics and leadership to masters degree professionals in California State University Northridge.  The U. S based leadership expert-Princess Halliday  is an internationally recognized leadership consultant and multiple award winning  extraordinary speaker. She has spoken in various international platforms on Power and Leadership. Princess Halliday exercised her expertise in high-risk domestic and international situations; global conflict and terrorist incidents; diplomacy; and business.

She is determined  to change the culture of  leadership for men, women, boys  and girls. Princess Halliday developed and delivered lectures to the U.S Army base Virginia on “emotional intelligence, leadership and service members  transitioning from the military”. This was accepted and  considered for integration  into the system to help army officers and families during their transition to the civilian life especially those who have been deployed to  combat for a long period of time.

Princess Halliday is recognized as an authentic voice of Leadership.

Her passion for showcasing positivity and her uncanny ability to lead authentically with emotional intelligence and communicate with empathy has solidified her as one of the young female authentic voice in the world.