Children who will not be defined by any impediment!

I love doing this so I can put on Christmas trees during Christmas “ Kelechi shares.
Kelechi is a kid in Africa who is physically challenged but would not let his circumstance deter his creativity.

These kids in Africa are not defined by impediments.Their story and how they got here is empowering says Princess Halliday as she takes us through her daily  processes working with the physically challenged kids. “My work here is to  enhance the elimination of discriminatory practices , challenging the roles and stereotypes that affects Inclusion, Equality, Power and Leadership.Change from the narratives that prevents children and youths from believing that they too can be leaders; when instilled in the lives of kids at the early age, seldom leave the mindset”.

We Feel the love & warmth in the hearts of these children. They truly see beyond any obstacle!

There is so much more to be done.
Thank you Princess Halliday and the entire team of Empower Africa Initiative.