Commonwealth International representatives sit down for an exclusive with Princess Halliday in London to discuss women Empowerment. For the ladies , winning is what they have come to do.”I have come all the way from India to win this crown. Prior to this time I was sitting on the corner of India like a nobody but once my crown got on my head, It felt like I have a huge responsibility to the world ,my personality and what I say does account so I became very responsible” said Shwetta Raj -Miss Common wealth Asia pacific 2016.

A huge inspiration as the ladies share their life transition, empowered parity and the need for women to be empowered in their respective countries.Commonwealth International uniquely presents delegates represented by their respective reigning queens & king. They promote charity and cultural cohesion around the world. New pageant queens and kings are chosen each year as they are all tasked with running charitable projects in their own country .

We also had valuable discussion with the founder of Commonwealth International Dr Shola Fawehinmi who discussed in details why Commonwealth International was created. Also present was prominent community and political activist from Canada Mr Asphandiar(Aspi) Wadiwalla who is the National group director of Commonwealth International also a proud recipient of the International Humanitarian and Services Award(IVHES) 2016 along with the opposition leader of House of Common Rt Honorable Rona Ambrose.



The Triple Crown & Mr title holders are called upon throughout the year in the UK to appear at events in  diverse fund-raising capacity  and support charities in London.


Miss Commonwealthinternational fashion designer diva of the year 2016 -Rohini Gugnani

Mrs Commonwealth first runner up  Asia Pacific from India         2016    -Sonia Shetty Singh

Miss Commonwealth Asia Pacific  2016                                                           -Shweta Raj

Miss Euro Atlantic first runner up from Canada 2016                                 -Shumaila Malik

Mr Commonwealth  2016                                                                              -Adrienne Meyers  Rodrigues

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