The mission of the Empower Africa Initiative is to Empower Leaders to Do the Extraordinary. We positively enhance the mindset of leaders by showcasing and engaging people, communities, while empowering to lead, innovate, and serve authentically. Empower Africa Initiative is a for-purpose organization that has been committed to enriching people through leadership, education, positive identity, and showcasing people whom through tenacity and determination have accomplished greatness and can be catalysts for others to follow. First incorporated in Africa, EAI got syndicated all over Africa, London, Europe, and the United States. EAI builds the self-esteem and self-worth of people by changing their outlook on life, broadening horizons, and providing tools for self-empowerment and efficacy, advancing the world by inspiring, preparing, empowering, and connecting leaders to drive change.
Over the years, EAI has been progressively working to enhance the elimination of discriminatory practices, challenging the roles and stereotypes that affect Inclusion, Equality, Power, and Leadership. We have received countless stories daily about young people who have lost every ounce of hope because their ability has been severely underestimated thus reducing them to a point where they feel like they do not “belong”.
From the United States,  we strive to create several arms of the ecosystem for authentic leadership transcending Africa and beyond, including progressively working on the World Leaders Honors- Girl leader participation with the aim of Empowering Leaders to do the Extraordinary. Our goal is to educate one million people on authentic leadership as we continuously revolutionize the world and develop more opportunities for authentic leadership, a change in our leadership narrative while creating a platform for men, women, boys, and girls who will strive to remove barriers to equal participation and understand that the future is made up of intersectionality. There is an increasing need for mindset transformation.
Princess Halliday Show

The Princess Halliday Show is a subsidiary of  Empower Africa Initiative that showcases people who have demonstrated positivity against all the odds. These are individuals who, through tenacity and determination have accomplished something great or have been a catalyst for others to do so.

The show’s host, Princess Halliday, a straight-talking, empathic royalty with a warm sense of humor, has the ability to immediately put her guests at ease. In her company they talk freely, especially about difficult experiences they have encountered.Guests of the show have included political figures, business leaders, global players, popular stars and ordinary people who have done something extraordinary. And for Princess Halliday, it is these ordinary people doing extraordinary things who are the heart and soul of the show.Through the provision of a platform for guests to tell their stories, Princess Halliday inspires and educates the world. The show has proven to be a treasure trove of wisdom, inspiration and life-affirming stories.

The show’s mantra: “Empowering Leaders to Do the Extraordinary” ensures that The Princess Halliday Show is and always will be inspirational, motivational, educational and entertaining. Promoting integrity and positivity is our goal.

Princess Halliday Show is seen on Sky Network Londonand Mnet Africa channels.