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Governments all over the world strive to reduce unemployment of its citizens. River State is no exception as the Executive Governor of the State Rotimi Amaechi endeavours to do the same by providing diverse forms of job opportunities for the people. His wife; Her Excellency Dame Judith Amaechi also compliments his efforts in drastically reducing unemployment via her Non Profit Organization (Empowerment Support Initiative) aimed at providing tuition free schools and basic life necesseties for indigent children, creating and enabling a work environment for Nigerians, providing various skills as source of income and lots more.

Dame Judith Amaechi

Empower Africa Initiative-Princess Halliday show covers all activities of ESI in Nigeria, visiting the  tuition free schools established by Her Excellency, automobile training facilities with individuals in 23 local goverment of the state including kings, chiefs, everyday people, all beneficiaries from the ESI platform attesting to the viability of Empowerment Support Initiative in Nigeria.