Novelist “Margret Atwood” first discussed that “we still think of a powerful man as a born leader and a powerful woman as an anomaly”. This is true in so many facets!

Often time, people misconstrue these statements as solely for feminist! But No! This simply indicates actual happenings in life while seeking for fine gender balance.

Why do some men appreciate women who are less powerful? why do some women not believe that they are qualified to be powerful, lead and help revolutionize a system?
I recently carried out an in-depth research with the help of some outstanding professors, which I will discuss in my upcoming book. My research shows that Africans have bought into the culture that has told them from the time they were born that women are not capable of leadership and this has systematically stuck in their mindset including the mindset of women! Hence the belief that women belong to the bedroom?‍♀️.

When a boy leads, it is expected and not negative but when a girl leads she is referred to as “Bossy” because we ascribe leadership to male and that is why when men get more powerful and successful, we like them more, but when women get more powerful and successful, we like them less.- SHERYL SANDBERG-

We must change this culture, women need to help each other in raising their hands because when women are uplifted, the Nation is!

As we continue to evolve as a society that honors gender equality,we must understand that the future is not only female but embodies a spectrum of gender identities, and is committed to intersectionality. Men and women must come together and genuinely harness values for Authentic leadership.