In WASHINGTON today, discussions  with the newly appointed economic minister of the Nigerian Embassy,Mr Idowu Bayo, the owner of Manchester Trade Washington DC,Mr Stephen Lande,strategic faith based counselor for Jesus House D.C -Rosemary Ogbebor, the  Africanist, Femi Akinbi and Princess Halliday.

The below exchanges were carried out;
Discussion on trade & investment, how to shift old paradigm, maintain and create jobs /prosperity, leadership,sustainability and forthcoming World Leaders Conference. The meeting was part of the Initiative which seeks to advance African development by inspiring, preparing, empowering and connecting leaders to drive change.

During the meeting, they discussed trade & investment, how to shift old paradigm, maintain and create jobs /prosperity, leadership, sustainability and the forthcoming World Leaders Conference.

Mr Idowu Bayo said that none of the work of developing Africa currently can be implemented without the women. He  spoke passionaltely, discussed the way forward to lift Nigeria to greater accomplishments and stressed on the need for continuity.

Owner of Manchester trade related their interest on African development and businessess that will further spur synergy amongst Africans.

Princess Halliday noted that research has shown that women in Africa are still underrepresented in leadership positions and she is determined to help change this narrative of Africa where young women are rarely seen at the table.

“It is interesting that these men are willing to work collaboratively with women,” Princess Halliday said, adding that with the forthcoming World Leaders Conference at hand, the goal is to empower one million people across Africa on authentic leadership, mindset renewal and the way forward in our economy.

“Words cannot comprehend how passionate I am about authentic leadership, building a system that will work for Africa & changing our old narrative which has deteriorated our continent till date and led to little or no system in place. Many people call our Nation a failed one but I say we can collectively and progressively do it the right way.

“You think the young can’t help strengthen our leadership, our system, our old paradigm of power? I tell you we can! We continuously can!” she stated.