How Authenticity Affects Business Leaders

by Liz Whitfield

Our Founder-Princess Halliday Speaks on “How Authenticity Affects Business Leaders ” at the 14Th Mackerel Leadership Conference & 8th Africa Business and Entrepreneurship Conference in Virginia

Speaking at the Leadership Conference , Princess Halliday share that “When Leaders get the environment right, humans, businesses, Investment will do remarkably”. She says “You can take a good business and put this in a bad environment, and that business turns sour. You can take a bad business and put in a good environment and this business will develop vigorously. Same goes for people. Leaders are responsible for creating this environment and the people that will sustain it, not just the results.

Often times, leaders talk about growth and giving opportunity to the young generation but in reality very few leaders want growth. Power gets intoxicating and so it becomes hard for them to let go. But the truth is GREAT LEADERS EXTEND THE CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE SO THE MOST JUNIOR PERSON FEELS LIKE THEY “BELONG”.

But one great challenge for Africa  – is how to convince 1.2billion people to put aside competing interests, sideline different religions, leaderless uprising, ethnicities, political persuasions, and build a United Nation with Authentic  leaders to truly bring about significant change.

 For effective balance in our economic visions and goals and to grow the economy and make better economic opportunities for all -It is time for a change in the narrative of our leadership,She stated.