President Corporate council on Africa-Florizelle (Florie) Liser, Princess Halliday and Pierre Yourougou – Founder Africa Business and Entrepreneurship Research Society.

From left to right( Florizelle Liser-President/CEO Corporate council on Africa, Princess Halliday-Founder Empower Africa Initiative, Pierre Yourougou- Founder Africa Business and Entrepreneurship Research Society)



Florizelle Liser-President/CEO Corporate council on Africa shared insights to trade partnership between the United States and Africa at the annual conference of the Africa business and Entrepreneurship Research Society in Richmond Virginia.

Florizelle (Florie) Liser is the first woman to lead the Corporate council on Africa since its founding in 1993. Ms. Liser brings expertise and an extensive network on trade and Africa to her new role, along with a strong track record of working with the private sector to translate policy into action. Ms. Liser joined CCA from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), where she was the Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Africa since 2003. At USTR, she led trade and investment policy towards 49 sub-Saharan African nations and oversaw implementation of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). Liser is described as a woman with a big heart for Africa and was appreciated for her outstanding efforts for Africa by the organizers of the Africa Business and Entrepreneurship & 14th MakerereLeadership and Entrepreneurship Conference. 



The Purpose of the Africa Business and Entrepreneurship  Conference is to align participants’ objectives with those of government stakeholders who are in position to help them connect American Business with African partners, support existing and new American investment in Africa, expand access for American business to finance their exports to Africa and reduce barriers to trade and investment in Africa. The U.S stake in Africa aligns well with the interest of conference participants as we advocate and promote greater U.S Africa trade and investment.

Princess Halliday who with very substantial experience on Leadership & Strategy, will share on “How Authenticity Affect Business Leaders in Africa“. Halliday believes it is time for business leaders to begin to change their mindset from the conventional development mindset to a revolutionary and investment mindset.

There is increasing hope for Africa.