By Matt Harris.

During the war in 1950’s, these women packed their bags, left the United Kingdom and accompanied their husbands to the United States for peace keeping.They changed the narrative for their transitioning husbands.It’s been over 60 years and they still reside in the land where love journeyed them through.They are referred to as “WAR BRIDES”. An ethnic organization of English, Welsh, Irish and Scottish heritage.. The group purchased charter plane enabling group members to travel the United States and England.

Our Founder Princess Halliday was delighted and honored to share with these amazing women, describing the exchanges she said”My energy was completely on the rise,they made me embrace their age and I made them embrace mine.They said they were excited to have a young princess in their midst. Truly, when women come together for a good cause, and when we do so with the mindset for a positive change/advancement of any kind regardless of the age difference-very amazing things happen.”


President British War Brides, the Vice President and members. They have been a cohort for over 60 years and counting!

This is a call for African women and men to QUIT concentrating on age, marital status , number of children, years of marriage etc as a yardstick to inclusion . We must renew our mindsets and think about better ways to collectively advance the system. LET GO off segregation and embrace inclusion. Enough of “I am 60 years old and I know better” NO!! 60 years old does not make you know better… If this is you, you are living in the past, this is one reason why Africa has had  stalled leadership for so long. Embrace new ideas, new vision, new reality. BE OPEN TO CHANGE WITHOUT PAIN.

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world”-John le Carre