Doctor Michael .K.Obeng was born in Africa and arrived the U.S because he persevered to chasing his Dreams. With no financial backing, he soldiered on. Today he is described as one of America’s top plastic surgeon and the only black plastic surgeon in the Beverly Hills medical triangle in Beverly Hills, California. He sat with Princess Halliday and shared how he persevered and stayed focus on Empower Africa Initiative in Beverly Hills California.

How much do you persevere when faced with tumultuous situations?

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When Dr Michael .K. Obeng and I  first spoke on the phone, I was struck by the composure and balance with which he communicated to me. My usual  phone conversations always involved me speaking and listening at the same time, but when I got his return call, I just listened, all I wanted to do was listen. Theres just something spectacular about his voice and this I consciously know only exudes from a person who has encountered life in its entirety. PRINCESS HALLIDAY


dr michael obeng