As a little girl,I was taught to understand and implement that which is required of me by my parents, some i had  to learn by being an autodidact but SEX education….ms cookey was first who taught me a few especially after she’s done eating my cookies and lunch packed for me by sussan. she usually would not divulge into much, so we didn’t clearly understand..she only taught about sex organs on the board with little drawings using arrows for illustration..ms cookey sums it up by ensuring we don’t probe further.My mum was super excited that i knew nothing about my reproductive organs but reading daily, being a radio host for children(i usually would be taken to the studio under some stern surveillance and brought back once done)which will be followed by my saying my prayers,see a hindi movie and speak hindi for fun!!!!(what a life)!

I love children, i have always loved children but I’ve not come close to really understanding the processes involved in birthing..this i will correlate to my background and the mindset imbibed in me as a child(it is amazing how what you are taught as a child can stay stuck and live within you). Well today for the very first time, i had a clear and concise understanding about childbirth.A young doctor friend of mine came by to visit and we spent the entire day chatting about the excruciating processes women go through during childbirth. For the first time, i watched on youtube as a baby’s head pops out of the mother’s thigh then turned around with the mother screaming in pain….i couldn’t help but really  feel this pain from my inside and so my mind kept wondering….

How does a woman go through this pain and give birth to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and sometimes 8 children?how can some children not love and take absolute care of their mum after all this? how can we not love one another? how can over 200 children birthed through this very difficult process be declared missing?

Here is my thoughts for the day; If you are demeaning, hurting,invalidating,humiliating,depriving off education, kidnapping etc that girl child..please take a pause and RECONSIDER for she is the physical means of bringing a life to existence-she is the centre of the universe!

Think Positively today!




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