Prince Harry “Questions” at Obama Foundation Summit ; What Kind of a World Are We Going To End Up Being Part Of If We Don’t Listen to Young People?

by Melanie Cohen Prince Harry showed up in Chicago on Tuesday for the inaugural Obama Foundation Summit orchestrated by Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. On Prince Harry’s first night of the summit, he sits down Read More


TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR SELF -CONFIDENCE One of the values instilled in me as a child that has predominantly stayed stuck as I evolve into a woman is knowing who I am and being consciously confident in my personality. This Read More

British Nigerian billionaire wole odedun- HOW HE MAKES HIS MONEY

British Nigerian billionaire business-man wole odedun shares exclusively with Princess Halliday how he makes his money from a car apprentice at 10 to a billionaire with the most significant clinic on harley street london.