One of the values instilled in me as a child that has predominantly stayed stuck as I evolve into a woman is knowing who I am and being consciously confident in my personality. This has been a significant propellant factor in my endeavors. If you do not have self-confidence,how then can anyone have confidence in you?

It’s great to have life processes of others inspire and motivate you to do greatly but if you get on social media and consistently compete yourself to others, you will never feel good about who you are, that’s a peace stealer and will discourage you because there will always be somebody more beautiful and more talented but there will not be another YOU!
Put up a boundary and say I am not gonna live in somebody else’s world obsessed with what they do,where they going, what they driving.. I WILL HAVE THEIR STORY INSPIRE ME TO RUN MY OWN RACE!!

You can miss your destiny caught up in somebody else’s life!! Successful people are too focused on their own race to look around consistently and see what everybody else is doing.

Think positively today!!

So I decided to try the 70’s look today and I’m loving it!??


-Princess Halliday-

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